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Department members

Ohashi Lab.OHASHI Masafumi Prof.mohashi@ibe
Ono Lab. ONO Satoshi (Personal page) Prof. ono@ibe
Shigei Lab. SHIGEI Noritaka Prof. shigei@ibe
Matsumoto Lab. MATSUMOTO Takahiro Prof. matugen@ibe
Yoshida Lab. YOSHIDA Hideki Prof. hy@ibe
Wang Lab.WANG Gang Prof.gwang@ibe
Okamura Lab.OKAMURA Jun-yaAssoc. Prof.jokamura@ibe
Kashima Lab. KASHIMA Masayuki Assoc. Prof.kashima@ibe
Kato Lab. KATO Ryuzou Assoc. Prof. ryu@ibe
Takahashi Lab. TAKAHASHI Tetsuro Assoc. Prof. takahashi@ibe
Nishimura Lab. NISHIMURA Masataka Assoc. Prof. nishimura@ibe
Fukumoto Lab. FUKUMOTO Shinya Assoc. Prof.fukumoto@ibe
Yamashita Lab.YAMASHITA Wakayo Assoc. Prof.wyamashita@ibe
Yoshimoto Lab. YOSHIMOTO Minoru Assoc. Prof.myoshi@ibe
Ohira Lab. OHIRA Yasuaki Lecturer yohira@ibe
Mukaida Lab. MUKAIDA Mashiho Assist. Prof. takahashi@ibe

Collaboration members

Affiliation Branch Name Position Mail
Center for Management of Information Technologies Cyber Security Center MASUYA Masato Prof. masatom@cc
DX Promotion Division FUCHIDA Takayasu Prof. fuchida@cc
DX Promotion Division FURUYA Tamotsu Assoc. Prof. furuya@cc
Library and Media Information Division ODA Kentaro Assist. Prof. odaken@cc
Center for General Education First-year Education/Liberal Arts Education Department(Information System) NURUKI Atsuo Assoc. Prof. k6172758@
First-year Education/Liberal Arts Education Department(Information System) OHNO Hiroshi Assist. Prof. ohno@ibe
Science and Engineering Area   SATA Keigo Specially Appointed Assist. Prof.  

Technical and official members

Section Location Name Position Mail
Technical Section Office MATSUMOTO Akiko Technical Specialist kyoda@eng
HIRA Shoko Technical Specialist hira@eng
NISHI Masamitsu Technical Staff nishi@eng
Support Section Office or Support Section ITO Erika Officer office_ibe@eng