Barcode Decoration by Evolutionary Computation



Barcode is used in various purposes such as merchandise control, book collection
control in libraries, and so on. QR code, a kind of two-dimensional barcode
investigated by Denso Wave, is used as so-called shortcut to get a URL,
e-mail address, phone number and so on, in recent Japan. QR codes are now
used in broader context spanning for convenience-oriented applications
aimed at mobile phone users; most of Japanese mobile phones have QR code
scanner using equipped cameras. By holding a mobile phone over QR code
printed on papers, billboards, business cards, magazines, or television
screens, users therefore can get decoded information and browse Web site
or send e-mail without typing URL or e-mail address on their mobile phones.
This act of linking from physica world object is known as a physical world hyperlinks.
QR Code is capable of handling all types
of data, s uch as numeric and alphabetic characters, Japanese characters,
symbols, binary,and control codes. Up to 7,089 characters can be encoded
in one symbol. A user can also generate and print their own QR code for
others to scan and use by visiting one of several free QR code generating
sites or by using QR code generation software.

Although QR code can involve various information such as URL, e-mail address,
short sound, and so on, users cannot know what kind of information is implanted
in it (from QR code itself). In addition, QR code is dreary and occupies
not a small area in limited, worthy space of papers, billboards, or other

We propose a system for generating 2-dimensional barcode incorporated
with some illustrations inside of the code without detracting machine-readability
and stored information. QR code decorated with an illustration is more attractive
than a general, boring QR code. In addition, it can
let humans know what kind of information is implanted
in the code.


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Satoshi Ono

Article written by S. Ono